I am the holder of Diploma from the Faculty for Comparative Religious Studies, Antwerp, granting me a Professorship in Jewish Law, honoris causa, 1996. For reasons of fear of copyright infringements I cannot display the diploma here on this site. But it currently adorns my Rabbinical library.

I am well connected to various renowned and respected orthodox Batei Din (Rabbinical Courts) in different parts of the world and I am well known in the rabbinical world. These Rabbinical Courts belong to all orthodox affiliations. I have prepared people who have successfully completed their Gyur before the following Rabbinical Courts:

  •  The Chief Rabbinate Israel, both the Northern and the Southern section.
  •  The Chareidi (ultra-orthodox) Beth Din of Rav. Nissim Karelitz Shlita in Bnei Barak
  •  Beth Din Tzedek of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  •  Beth Din de Paris, France
  •  Beth Din de Lyon, France
  •  Beth Din of Va’ad Harabbanim of Flatbush New York, USA
  •  Beth Din of Va’ad Harabbanim of California, USA

Unfortunately there is today a black market in fake “conversions” to Judaism. These conversions are done by fraudulent or fake rabbis solely for the sake of monetary gain and people are often deceived by them. Personally I know a fair number of people who were basically sold a gyur certificate for a considerable amount of money which isn’t even worth the paper it is printed on. Consequently they have to recommence the whole Gyur from scratch before a recognized and halachicaly sound rabbinical court.

Others have undergone a conversion under the auspices of liberal or reformed Batei Din. While it is true that these conversions are not “fake” or undertaken for monetary gain, it remains a fact that these Gyurim are not recognized by the State of Israel, the Chief Rabbinate of Israel or any orthodox community worldwide. These people, when they want to join an orthodox community or want to get married in Israel, then have no other choice but to undergo a second, valid Gyur according to the standards of the Halachah.

I have copies of the Gyur certificates of all my students who successfully passed the Gyur process before the above mentioned Rabbinical Courts. For understandable reasons of privacy and copyright issues we can not show these documents here as credentials. However, in a personal meeting I am more then prepared to show a copy of these documents to those who are seriously interested in becoming Jewish and want to verify my credentials.